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LBB005 Zach goes on holiday

Zach hears Nan talking on the phone, she is going on holiday for a few days.

Zach would love to go too, but how?

Find out in this short story how Zach joins Nan, even though Nan doesn’t know…

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Easy crochet patterns

Easy crochet patterns

  In my first children’s book, ‘Weekend Adventure with Zach & Friends’, I crocheted a hippo for one of the characters, I needed a prop… it was very basic, using an open weaved pattern with a large hook for speed. There was no pattern to follow, I just did it by feel and Zach emerged.… Continue Reading

Book Seven Zach and Candy’s Scary Adventure

  In Book seven ‘Zach & Candy’s Scary Adventure, we have Zach and Candy left behind by the children sitting on a big green leather chair at Granddad’s place. Zach is ready for another adventure and wants to explore the garden. Candy on the other hand doesn’t want to join him, but doesn’t want to… Continue Reading

Book Five Zach Goes on Holiday

Book Five Zach Goes on Holiday

In book five I wanted to create a story for my great niece, she was fascinated with frogs so I knew that somewhere there had to be a frog in the storyline. She was only three at the time when she took me for a walk around the garden and showed me all the places… Continue Reading

Book Four  Zach Gets Left Behind

Book Four Zach Gets Left Behind

Left Behind and All Alone In book four it was now time for Zach to have an adventure in another location. Jack comes to stay for the weekend and wants to take Zach to the beach for a picnic. Zach is excited and asks Candy if she would like to go, he knows she will… Continue Reading