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My Morning Ritual

My Morning Ritual

My Morning Ritual…What is Yours?
Morning cuppaWe all have our morning rituals and I’m no different. I like to get up in the morning and have a coffee or tea sitting in my small courtyard. I love the cool morning air whether its winter or summer.

Sitting and just drifting into the day, not even thinking or planning what to do. I like to stare into space in silence, watching the steam from my hot drink float away.

Well this particular morning I did my usual inspection of the area, walking back and forth with my tea, looking at the pot plants and seeing whether any of my huge Golden Cane fronds were ready to be trimmed off.

Included in my morning ritual is to check on my gold fish, they live in a couple of pots. They are always waiting for their morning feed and I usually forget to bring their food out with me. My morning cuppa is a priority.

However things were a little different this particular morning, I had to side step all the Lilly Pilly fruit that had fallen during the night after the feeding activity of the Fruit Bats.
I glanced down at one of my concrete pots with a couple of very small fish, always hiding on the bottom, to scoop out the berries and there was the letter “L”, it was fascinating to see this formation of green and deep pink berries form this pattern. I of course had to get my phone and take a photo. “L” is for love, life, live, lost; lonely the list could be endless. I could put quotes up from this pattern on my FB page or Pinterest.
L is for Love

So the following morning I checked it out again, I wasn’t looking for some mystic message in the pond’s water. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression; however I know that some people would look at it quite differently.

For me it was a combination of breeze on the surface of the water, perhaps the weight of the fruit and maybe even the small fish’s movements forming a pattern.
Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I checked the little pond out each morning to see what pattern was formed if any. I didn’t diarise it, although looking back I should have.

I shared my photos with some friends and with the exception of a couple, most gave me an odd look and had to look closely to see what I was seeing. I always had an active imagination even as a child.
What did I see during my observation?

I photographed quite a number of patterns that took on realistic impressions of a number of animals and letters; it was a little like looking at clouds overhead. You can see my whole collection on my FB page and Pinterest.
Did I try to manipulate the pattern? Yes… once I moved a leaf gently away from one of the berries, the end result was the whole pattern scattered over the surface of the water and it took a couple of days to reform. All the patterns have been produced by the elements.

The fruit falling from the Lilly Pilly tree, with the help from the Fruit Bats, the movement of the water from the wind. Maybe the little fish nudging the fruit, who knows?

What did I learn from this, the letter “L”…. “Live in the moment” “Love what you do”  “Live life to the full” 

“Lost time is never found again” ~ Benjamin Franklin ~

I checked the pond this morning nothing, just a waterlogged berry with the all the colour drained from its skin…its over till next year.

What is your morning ritual?