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The Rumbling Bush Monster

The Rumbling Bush Monster

Looking down the lens of the telescope from the present to the 1850’s we see Joey about to go exploring the grassland below his home.
In Book Two: The Rumbling Bush Monster, Joey goes on an adventure while the family are sleeping. Joey is getting older and more confident. He moves through the trees and down to the grassland below to meet his friend Paws, who is a young kangaroo, along with Blossom the Pigmy Possum.

Joey the Koala in the grassland


They play hide and seek for hours in the tall grass below Mt Warning. However things are about to change, suddenly they feel the ground rumble and shake and the vibration penetrates their small bodies right up to the top of their heads.

Book Trailer


What could it be??

Book Two: The Rumbling Bush Monster
Find out in Book Two: ‘The Rumbling Bush Monster’

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Gula and Colos Find a New Home

Gula and Colos Find a New Home

      Everyday there are news items about the plight of the koala in Australia, everything from lack of food to developers and land owners destroying their habitat.     It’s hard to believe that such an iconic Australian marsupial could be in so much trouble, but they are. There are however many organisations… Continue Reading