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LBB-The Rumbling Bush Monster

Podcast The Rumbling Bush MonsterThis is the second book in a series of four: ‘The Rumbling Bush Monster,’ find out more at this link.

Joey goes on an adventure while the family are sleeping. Joey is getting older and more confident.

He moves through the trees and down to the grassland below to meet his friend Paws, who is a young kangaroo, along with Blossom the Pygmy Possum.

However things are about to change, suddenly they feel the ground rumble and shake.

The vibration penetrates their small bodies right up to the top of their heads, they are terrified! (Warning there are some loud noises in this audio, listen first)

Listen on iTunes or download audio below.

Where are the Christmas Bells

Where are the Christmas Bells

There is something about seeing a wild flower growing and reaching maturity against all odds, strikes a chord in most of us. To see this flower survive through rain, hail and shine, resonates with us on a personal level. Its made it right to the point of display, to its ultimate beauty and hopefully it… Continue Reading

Easy crochet patterns

Easy crochet patterns

  In my first children’s book, ‘Weekend Adventure with Zach & Friends’, I crocheted a hippo for one of the characters, I needed a prop… it was very basic, using an open weaved pattern with a large hook for speed. There was no pattern to follow, I just did it by feel and Zach emerged.… Continue Reading