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Book Three Zach & Candy Get Locked Outside


This book introduces the elephant on the wall, a picture of an elephant that Nan bought and because she bought it with love it can talk. He will be featured quite often, his magical powers come in handy to keep the plot moving and to warn Zach and Candy when Nan is about.

The story goes like this; Zach and Candy leave the junk cupboard while Nan is doing the gardening, and go intBk3ZachandCandygetLockedouto the outside world… which is Nan’s courtyard.

However Nan suddenly appears and closes the courtyard doors and the toys are locked outside. Candy isn’t happy she trusted Zach to look after her; she doesn’t like leaving the safety of the junk cupboard so she is angry with Zach and lets Zach know. Poor Zach and Candy are left peering through the glass of the closed courtyard doors.

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In the courtyard they meet other characters that can speak, another elephant name Bull who owns the courtyard, and this is ‘Bull’s Jungle’. Bull and the elephant on the wall look after Zach and Candy, when things go wrong, you will have to read the rest of the story to see what happens.

This book is available on Amazon for Kindle or use the Amazon App for iPad or tablet.

Book Trailer

When I was writing this story I had my grandchildren visiting and they were playing with Zach and Candy and acting out the story.


Jhett with Zach & Candy My grandson had both the toys pressed up against the doors looking in.

What was so unusual about this scene is he is a ‘superhero child’ a typical boy that likes Spiderman and Superman and amuses himself with everything superhero.

But here is this four year old playing and carrying around a soft toy called Zach along with his superhero figures.

Zach was never made for the children to play with; all his stuffing was oozing out and he was starting to resemble a furry monster at the end of the weekend.

It just goes to show that even though children may be fed on a diet of movies about superheros and monsters they still can embrace a crochet soft toy named Zach.

While their friends aren’t around I should add…


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Lillian Unboxing Book Four “Zach & Candy Get Locked Outside”


Water Dragon

Water Dragon

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  Lilly is Nan’s granddaughter every now and then she comes for a visit and plays with Zach and Candy. She knows the animals can speak and she also knows that Nan doesn’t know they can talk. It’s a big secret. Nan must never know! Not that she would believe her anyway, she would think… Continue Reading

The African Animals

The African Animals

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