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Easy crochet patterns

Easy crochet patterns


In my first children’s book, ‘Weekend Adventure with Zach & Friends’, I crocheted a hippo for one of the characters, I needed a prop… it was very basic, using an open weaved pattern with a large hook for speed. There was no pattern to follow, I just did it by feel and Zach emerged.

The end result was suitable for what I needed at the time, after all I wasn’t making it for the grandchildren to play with. (or so I thought at the time).

From this first project, other characters and books emerged, so it seemed a natural progression to create patterns for all the characters. 

The Project Started…

This project started with the thought of crocheting another Zach, just a fraction of the size of the original, with the idea that others could follow the pattern easily.

Zach the crochet hippo





It had to be an easy crochet pattern for beginners to follow…








However I was under some misconception, that this project was going to be relatively easy. So off I went and produced my first prototype, it wasn’t very good. It’s amazing… when you lose your freedom of expression, how creativity can go out the window.  

It was a real challenge… and much harder than I ever imagined. The whole point of producing a pattern, was that others would be able to follow the pattern and produce a pleasing result.

The pattern had to be easy so anyone with a basic knowledge of crochet, could follow the instructions and end up with one of my characters from my books.

After much effort and my living room covered with bits of yarn, and pieces of paper, my first prototype was finished. It wasn’t quite what I wanted, however… I had recorded all the details, so it was a start. I knew there would be adjustments, that’s just the way things are with everything in life.

The trick here is, the pattern had to be correct. Well it wasn’t, I don’t know where my head was when I was writing it down on paper. The pattern was not right and watching television while crocheting wasn’t helping. So it was back to the drawing board.

Candy-BlogpartheadMany weekends and many prototypes later, I eventually produced a number of patterns in various sizes of the characters in my children’s books.

Anyone that creates a crocheting or knitting pattern, I have great admiration for, this was a real challenge for me, and I felt like throwing in the towel a few times.

One thing I learned about myself, was to think carefully about the next project I decide to embark on, because I will have to complete it, leaving things incomplete isn’t an option.


Writing and illustrating children’s books I love, writing instruction manuals isn’t my strength. But with that said I am more then happy to have completed these four crocheting books an extension of my imaginative world.

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