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LBB007 Zach and Candy’s Scary Adventure

In Book seven entitled ‘Zach & Candy’s Scary Adventure, Zach and Candy are left behind by the children sitting on a big green leather chair at Granddad’s place.

Zach is ready for another adventure and wants to explore the garden.

Candy on the other hand doesn’t want to join him, but doesn’t want to be left alone either… so she tags along with him… complaining all the time.
While exploring the garden they hear the back door slam and they find themselves locked out.

This book is also available in print with a soft cover.

Listen on iTunes or download audio below.

Gula and Colos Find a New Home

Gula and Colos Find a New Home

      Everyday there are news items about the plight of the koala in Australia, everything from lack of food to developers and land owners destroying their habitat.     It’s hard to believe that such an iconic Australian marsupial could be in so much trouble, but they are. There are however many organisations… Continue Reading

LBB002 Zach Gets Left Behind

This adventure hurls Zach the little hippo, from the safety of the junk cupboard into the outside world. Zach is left behind after a picnic… what will he do? Where will he hide?  What happens when it gets dark, what is in the darkness? Will he ever get back to the junk cupboard and see… Continue Reading

Zach’s Comic Adventures

Introducing Zach’s Comic Adventures Comics can be a wonderful way for young children to learn how to read and with Amazon Comic’s, the software allows each individual frame to pop out. So with this in mind… slowly over the next few week, I will be adding to the collection with comic style books. This will… Continue Reading