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LBB002 Zach Gets Left Behind

Audio Two

This adventure hurls Zach the little hippo, from the safety of the junk cupboard into the outside world.

Zach is left behind after a picnic… what will he do? Where will he hide? 

What happens when it gets dark, what is in the darkness?

Will he ever get back to the junk cupboard and see his friend Candy? 



Download the audio and find out…

Find out in this audio story how Zach, the adventurous hippo gets back home. 

Listen and download below….


Zach’s Comic Adventures

Introducing Zach’s Comic Adventures Comics can be a wonderful way for young children to learn how to read and with Amazon Comic’s, the software allows each individual frame to pop out. So with this in mind… slowly over the next few week, I will be adding to the collection with comic style books. This will… Continue Reading