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Gula and Colos Find a New Home

Gula and Colos Find a New Home

Koala in tree




Everyday there are news items about the plight of the koala in Australia, everything from lack of food to developers and land owners destroying their habitat.  


It’s hard to believe that such an iconic Australian marsupial could be in so much trouble, but they are.

There are however many organisations and individuals throughout Australia looking after their welfare, whether it is rescue and relocate services, veterinary assistance or through education.



When you look at the survival history of the Koala over the last two hundred years, it’s an ugly story, it’s hard to believe that such a cute creature that the world is fascinated with could be in such a situation.

It is with this thought in mind; I write these stories about Joey the young Koala, seeing the changes to his world. If only Joey could speak what stories he could tell, but he can’t so I’ll speak for him and tell the tale through my eyes.

Gula and Colos
I will gaze down the lens of a telescope from the present to the 1850’s and try and imagine what it was like, a world where little Joey is still living with his family and starting to explore the world around him.

In this story ‘Gula & Colos Find a New Home’ Joey finds out for himself the changes that are taking place in his world. He decides to go beyond the safety of their home and explores the gum trees in the valley beneath the ridge. Check out the audio at this link

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Many times he hears noises drift up to the ridge from the valley floor and now he wants to find out what they are. Joey knows he must stay away from the ancient pathways of the indigenous people, but there are new dangers out there, dangers he knows nothing about but soon will…

Read what happens in this book Gula & Colos Find a New Home.

Book One


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