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LBB-Where the Humans Live

LBB-Where the Humans Live

Podcast Where the Humans LiveThis is the fourth book in a series of four: ‘Where the Humans Live,’ find out more at this link.

 Joey and his friends are confronted by their worst fears, the humans are here to stay. All their lives are about to change forever.

They must find out more about them, so they embark on an adventure after sunset, it’s dark and scary and Joey sees a human from his past.

He then knows things will never be the same…then Paws suddenly takes off and enters the human’s dwelling. Will he get out? Why did he do it?

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LBB005 Zach goes on holiday

Zach hears Nan talking on the phone, she is going on holiday for a few days. Zach would love to go too, but how? Find out in this short story how Zach joins Nan, even though Nan doesn’t know… click the link for more detail about the book and why it was created.     Listen on… Continue Reading

Gula and Colos Find a New Home

Gula and Colos Find a New Home

      Everyday there are news items about the plight of the koala in Australia, everything from lack of food to developers and land owners destroying their habitat.     It’s hard to believe that such an iconic Australian marsupial could be in so much trouble, but they are. There are however many organisations… Continue Reading