Lillian BellAustralian Children’s Author: Lillian Bell

Lillian Bell is an Australian Children’s book author who loves writing and illustrating children’s stories.

Story telling started when Lillian was a child, she would comfort her big sister with bedtime stories during the cold winter nights in Wales. At the age of ten Lillian moved to Australia with her parents and big sister Wendy.

When her own children came along, the repertoire continued and grew, one story in particular was told constantly to her children and they loved it! 

Strangely though that story wasn’t the one that started Lillian writing. It took her granddaughter Taylah to ignite the passion for story telling and putting pen to paper. 

While staying with Nan for the weekend, Taylah brought a toy along from kindergarten, this toy was to accompany her everywhere she went over the weekend. A simple story had to be created and during ‘show and tell’ she was to present it.

“Zach’s Weekend Adventure with Friends” came to life. This story sat on Lillian’s hard drive for a couple of years till Lillian created the illustrations and published it.

Lillian decided it was time to tell the world and here we are, with seven books about ‘Zach’s Adventures’ and a new series of Koala story books all about the life of a young Koala named Joey in the 1800’s.

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Book One Book Two: The Rumbling Bush Monster Koala Picture Book
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Albert Einstein said the following

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

Unleashing your creative mind is important, who knows what you will come up with.

Lillian believes this is also true of children, in this world of amazing advances in technology where the old world imaginative stories are replaced with action figures and super heroes; it’s time for parents to help their children to get back to using their own imaginations by reading stories to them. 

Reading to young children and engaging in the story will develop a love of books, and that love hopefully will continue throughout their lives.

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Lillian Bell – Latest Book Trailer, “Gula & Colos Find a New Home”

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