Zach’s Story

Zach’s Story

The story of ‘Zach’s Weekend Adventure with Friends’ was my first book and it was based on a real event with my granddaughter Taylah, so you could say it’s a special story to me. No I don’t think Zach is real, although I have spent a lot of time with him. 

Hopefully I still have my faculties…. it’s the concept I am talking about, although regressing back to childhood does have its advantages. This event… this simple start drove me on, remembering all the stories I told to my sister and my own children, and some I’m yet to put on paper.

Taylah-sitting on the beach-blogTaylah when she was around four years old

This is how it was conceived

The basic story was written a few years back for a project at kindergarten. My granddaughter had to bring a toy home, it was a small hippo and she had to entertain this little toy over the weekend and speak in on Monday morning in her class during ‘show and tell’ about his adventures. It was also suggested that photos were taken and presented.


In all honesty I don’t know how the ‘show and tell’ went. But it was a big weekend for us or at least for me. Taylah took it in her stride and looking back at the photos of her, I wonder what she thought of Nan… Book One
This little hippo that was named Zach had to be with us all weekend and he went everywhere, he had breakfast, lunch and dinner next to us.


He was put in a bag and taken down the beach and a dog came up and sniffed at him and he went for a ride in the car. I really got into the event like a grandma would, but I think my granddaughter was a bit over it at the end.
Nonetheless it was a small event in her life that eventually had a huge impact on the direction I would take. That story with the photos sat on my hard drive for quite a few years, until it came to life in print and a legacy of an event we both shared.

 Why not write a book about an event with your children or grandchildren?

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Book Two introduces Candy the pink pony into Zach’s adventures, check out book two here “Zach Escapes from the Junk Cupboard”

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