Where the humans live


Book Four: ‘Where the Humans Live’, Joey and his friends are confronted by their worst fears, the humans are here to stay. All their lives were about to change forever.

In the three previous books Joey, Paws and Blossom have encountered Timber Getters in Book one, a rumbling bush monster in book two. In book three ‘Where are the Christmas Bells’ they all went looking for rare native flowers.

It would only be a few decades in the future and Joey’s relatives would be slaughtered for their fur. Koala pelts would become valuable in many countries throughout the world. Poor Joey and Paws they saw the start of change and the felt the fear running through their small bodies.

Although this is just a story, the Koala colonies would have seen all of this happening, the trees being cut down, the clearing of the forest for farmland. The locomotive powering through the bushland bellowing white and grey smoke and steam, roaring past in a rush of wind. They would have observed from their lofty branches the culling of kangaroos and the disappearance and loss of lifestyle of the indigenous tribes. 


These four books were written for parents to teach their children to appreciate the world they live in, to take note of the flora & fauna and not to take it for granted. These are stand alone stories that can be read and enjoyed, however they can also be a starting point to educate children.

This book is available in print (soft cover) and on Kindle from Amazon.

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