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Zach’s Story

Zach’s Story

The story of ‘Zach’s Weekend Adventure with Friends’ was my first book and it was based on a real event with my granddaughter Taylah, so you could say it’s a special story to me. No I don’t think Zach is real, although I have spent a lot of time with him.  Hopefully I still have… Continue Reading

LBB004 Zach’s Weekend Adventure with Friends

  This was the first book I wrote, the story evolved from a weekend with my granddaughter and a little hippo named Zach read more about the background here. Zach is an orange and gold hippo that lives in Nan’s junk cupboard. Nan made Zach with love so he can speak but Nan doesn’t know.… Continue Reading

LBB003 Zach Escapes from the Junk Cupboard

The junk cupboard door was left open. Nan had gone out to the shops. Zach the hippo and Candy the pink pony who live in the junk cupboard heard the front door close. It was time to play! They slowly climbed out of the bag and pushed the door open. Will Nan come back early… Continue Reading