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Where are the Christmas Bells

Where are the Christmas Bells

There is something about seeing a wild flower growing and reaching maturity against all odds, strikes a chord in most of us. To see this flower survive through rain, hail and shine, resonates with us on a personal level. Its made it right to the point of display, to its ultimate beauty and hopefully it will get the chance to reproduce and see another season. 

Koala Picture BookThe flower doesn’t have to be in a remote location, it might be in a quiet corner away from foot traffic protected by a post or wall. It may be struggling up through a crack in a footpath and some protection is given it with bricks or stones, to barricade it in against harm, this happens frequently in places like Indonesia. A small plant or tree struggling to grow is protected even in a busy city, its showed some respect for its success to that point. There is a lot we can learn from this if we take the time.

Unfortunately most wild flowers aren’t so lucky, one such flower is Christmas Bells (Blandfordia grandiflora).

This flower was so spectacular that people would pick them by the dozen, and display them on their festive tables at Christmas, hence the name. Unlike some plants that can grow even in a crack in the footpath, or by a wall, these wild flowers need the right conditions, they weren’t so robust… they needed the right environment, without human interference.

Christmas Bells were prolific along the roadways near swamp lands in South East Queensland, Australia. It was said – that cars would line the roadways, and their occupants would stop and pick these flowers, along with other wild flowers called Boronias.  Even florist from Brisbane would come down to pick these flowers to sell in their stores, with a stem approximately 2ft / 60cm in length these flowers would have made an impressive display, and with their bright red and yellow bells they must have been quite a sight.

Christmas BellsThe local paper foretold their demise, they complained about the volume of people picking them during the summer months, and how they were dragging them up by their roots. Need we say any more, they were picked to death!

After researching about these flowers, it was important to create a story surrounding them, and bring it to the attention of all lovers of nature, especially those who want to teach their children about respecting the environment, and caring for all its elements.

With this in mind Book Three: ‘Where are the Christmas Bells’ was written. This book is suitable for children 6 to 8 years and beyond, it is a stand alone story, or a starting point for parents to discuss the importance of looking after our planet. 

‘Where are the Christmas Bells’ is about, how little Joey the young koala, would have seen these wild flowers in the hot summer months in the 1850’s… their red bells dancing in the summer breeze. In this story, Joey along with Paws the young kangaroo and with Blossom the pygmy possum leading the way, are in search of Christmas Bells, do they find them? You can find out, the book is available now on Amazon in soft cover and on Kindle at this link.

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