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The Garden Shed is a Scary Place

The Garden Shed is a Scary Place

The garden shed is a scary place.. full of things that crawl and sting…

The inspiration to write this story came while I was working in my father’s garden. He had been ill for some weeks, so this was the first opportunity I had to tidy up the garden beds on my own. He watched me from his chair which faces french windows with a wide view of the garden.

The Garden Shed is a Scary PlaceHarry (Dad) is in his nineties and very independent, it was difficult for him to watch me while he was incapacitated.

On the over hand I had full range and loved every moment, digging and clearing out garden waste from the beds which to his own admission some beds hadn’t been touch for 10 years.

These garden beds and the shed are decades old and part of my youth and my children’s and grandchildren’s visits to Poppy and Nan’s place.

This is a diary of sorts a visual documentation of the plants and laid out garden beds and pathways.

It also includes the shed he spent so much time in making furniture and practising his tap dancing techniques on a timber board. (according to Mum) The garden shed was a happy place.

All the illustration are part of the garden scene, including the garden dwellers a virtual diary for the now and the future.

Young children can be frightened of the garden shed the shed isn’t a place of scary things that crawl and sting, but it can seem that way. Check out the book on Amazon 

Book Trailer – “The Garden Shed is a Scary Place”

The journey to the garden shed along the pathways is about everyday creatures that a child may see along with a few fantasies thrown in, some part of the shed is always in view, the journey is taken along the path, sometimes the direction is changed to see another angle, like we might approach something we are not sure of.

After all children are little people…

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