Lillian’s Podcast

Who doesn’t like listening to a story, so with that thought in mind, I decided a little while back that I would narrate all my stories and put them into a podcast for all to enjoy. 

It took me a while to complete, for a number of reasons, firstly I wanted to add some extra background sounds to bring the audio to life, so that required finding additional audio to add. 

Everything went well for a while and life go in the way and I stopped, however now I am back on track and intend to add all my books. 

 I hope you enjoy these stories along with your children.

The links below go directly to the page where the podcast lives, after clicking the link scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see two links a download link and one that is associated with iTunes.

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a comment please…

Podcast: LBB001  Zach & Candy Get Locked Outside (Book: Three)

Podcast: LBB002   Zach Gets Left Behind (Book Four)

Podcast: LLB003   Zach Escapes the Junk Cupboard (Book:Two)

Podcast: LLB004  Zach’s Weekend Adventure with Friends (Book: One)

Podcast: LLB005  Zach Goes on Holiday (Book: Five)

Podcast: LLB006 The Tea Party (Book: Six)

Podcast LLB007  Zach & Candy’s Scary Adventure (Book: Seven)

The Koala Series – Joey, Paws & Blossom

Podcast LBB008 Gula & Colos Find a New Home (Book one new series)

Podcast LBB009 The Rumbling Bush Monster (Book Two)

Podcast LBB010 Where are the Christmas Bells (Book Three)

Podcast LBB011 Where the Humans Live (Book Four)