Book Two Zach Escapes from the Junk Cupboard

Book Two Zach Escapes from the Junk Cupboard

In my second book I wanted to introduce Candy. Candy lives in the junk cupboard with Zach but she is always frightened to leave, she would rather stay in her safe place. Zach on the other hand is always ready for an adventure.
Zach encourages her to leave and experience the world. But Candy isn’t convinced.


Zach & Candy on the floor
In this story Nan goes out to the shops, so they have an opportunity to explore the house while Nan’s away. They play on Nan’s bed and look at the outside world through the window, but Nan suddenly returns something catches her eye and she looks through the window.
This is the classic story of toys coming to life while adults are out of sight. Most children play this game with their toys, however its not always with soft toys it can be with any object even their fingers.

While writing this post, I thought of times when I was a child and confined to bed because I was sick and was suppose to be sleeping, “no toys allowed you have to rest,” my mother would say.

It’s times like this when a child’s imagination kicks in, no toys only the bed sheets and quilt…. Well the sheets and blankets become mountains and valleys, along with secrete caves. Anything within reach, a spoon or just your fingers become characters in your story. You are entertained….

Lillian Unboxing Book Two – Zach Escapes From the Junk Cupboard

Book 2


Imagination is an important part of a child’s growth and a lesson in entertaining themselves without outside stimuli, today our children are bombarded with toys that do everything from talking to walking.

If we are not careful they will no longer take delight in entertaining themselves and their ability to imagine is lost.

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In book three Zach and Candy decide to venture into the outside world, click this link for more details.

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