Book Six The Tea Party

Book Six The Tea Party

The ‘The Tea Party’ is a special book because it features my daughter. You see, Candy was my daughter’s soft toy; I made Candy before she could even walk. The first photo was taken when my daughter was eight months old and she was sucking on Candy’s ear.

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I didn’t realise it at first but Candy is becoming more like my daughter, there are lots of traits that Candy displays which mimic my daughter to a tee, especially when she doesn’t want to do something.

It’s been purely unconscious on my part to write thisCandy & Zach Book Six way, but now I can see it with every evolving story.
In this book, Candy wants to join the tea party, her fear of leaving the junk cupboard suddenly dissipates.

All she can think about is how she must get there, and she must have that experience, much like children when they want something.

I can recall feeling like that when I was a child, it fills your mind, it’s almost like you already have it, you only have to reach out and it’s yours, its there on the shelf.

Suddenly you are brought back to reality with, “you can’t have everything you want, you’re already got a toy, and you can’t have your own way all the time.”

Candy is very stubborn and it appears that she will only do what she wants to do when she chooses.
In this story Candy quickly gets over her fear of leaving the cupboard and is determined she is going to join the party.

Zach is shocked, he’s never seen this side of Candy; however he wants to help his friend so he concocts a plan to make it happen.

Zach loves to be part of an adventure even if it’s not his own.

Read all about ‘The Tea Party’ at this link.

The Tea Party
This book is available on Amazon and iPad and Tablet using the app, Paperback through Amazon

This is a simple story on the surface of characters working together to make things happen and creating diversions along the way to accomplish a goal, even if it’s just crashing a tea party.






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I hope you and your children enjoy reading this story, I know I enjoyed writing and illustrating it.

Book seven finds Zach and Candy in another location, Candy isn’t quite ready for what happens next, “Zach & Candy’s Scary Adventure”

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