Book Seven Zach and Candy’s Scary Adventure



In Book seven ‘Zach & Candy’s Scary Adventure, we have Zach and Candy left behind by the children sitting on a big green leather chair at Granddad’s place.

Zach is ready for another adventure and wants to explore the garden.

Candy on the other hand doesn’t want to join him, but doesn’t want to be left alone either… so she tags along with him… complaining all the time.
While exploring the garden they hear the back door slam and they find themselves locked out.

A crow in a tree warns them about staying in the garden when it gets dark.

Zach looks around for a safe place to hide but the only spot is the garden shed.
Candy doesn’t like the place and refuses to go in.

Find out in this story what lurks in the garden at night and how the toys get back safely inside on the green leather chair.


Take a peek at a little more of this story and watch the Book Trailer

Book Trailer-Zach and Candy’s Scary Adventure


Book seven Zach & Candy's Scary Adventure


This book is available on Amazon and iPad and Tablet using the app, Paperback through Amazon

If there is a lesson here it’s about friends working together, when things go wrong and finding a way.




A Little Background
On a personal note I wanted to create a story with my father featured including his house and shed. At the time of writing he was about ninety years old and in excellent health. I wanted to keep alive the moment, the house, garden beds and the old shed where he spent hours creating all sorts of things furniture and repairing items that should have been discarded.
The birds are part of the garden, every morning he feeds them and the illustration where he is standing on the step immortalise his stance. Even his digging in the garden was not staged it’s his daily ritual to keep the garden beds in order.

Granddad in the garden




Although he would have liked to look younger in the illustration, I wanted to keep it real. After all he is ‘Granddad’.

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