Book Four  Zach Gets Left Behind

Book Four Zach Gets Left Behind

Left Behind and All Alone

In book four it was now time for Zach to have an adventure in another location. Jack comes to stay for the weekend and wants to take Zach to the beach for a picnic. Zach is excited and asks Candy if she would like to go, he knows she will not come, but nonetheless he asks. He tells Bull about his outing, Bull would love to go too.

Zach is put in a beach bag and they are off, he sees some strange animals along the way and is a little frightened, but he’s with Jack and Jack will look after him.


Everything goes well, they have a nice time and then Jack decides to go in search of insect and leaves Zach on a large boulder, Nan suddenly calls out,”hurry Jack we must get back, there’s a thunder storm coming.”Jack runs down the forest trail without Zach, Zach is left behind, left behind all alone. Poor Zach…

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I wrote this story for my grandson Jhett, who likes adventure stories; I couldn’t create a superhero like the movies so I created an adventure for Zach.


This book is available on Amazon using Kindle – device or download onto an iPad or tablet using the app.. Paperback is also available.

This story was designed for little boys not that little girls wouldn’t like it too. Sometimes parents decide what their children would like base on the most popular toys and books. I can understand this being a parent myself, however just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s the best fit.

There is a place for superheros but what about the simple things in life. I watched my grandson play with Zach for hours, along with Spiderman there was no distinction between them he was just another character in his game.

I suppose I designed the story to be palatable for a little boy who liked adventure stories; he was only four at the time.

Did I succeed? I’m not sure he lives in another state, I only see him every few months. I don’t know whether he reads his book, hopefully he does.

One thing I do know, that someday when he is older he will look back and remember his old Nan and how she left a legacy behind… just for him.

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