Book Five Zach Goes on Holiday

Book Five Zach Goes on Holiday

In book five I wanted to create a story for my great niece, she was fascinated with frogs so I knew that somewhere there had to be a frog in the storyline.

She was only three at the time when she took me for a walk around the garden and showed me all the places were there were frogs, including the garden ornaments.

So it was decided… there would have to be a story written, but unfortunately it took me a couple of years to put it together.Book-Five Froggie

Zach just had an adventure in book four “Zach Gets Left Behind” and he was ready for another adventure, a bit like we all are… after having a great holiday we want to keep going, we don’t want to let go, we don’t want it to end. I suppose it’s the child in us, sometimes our wishes comes true.

I felt a bit like this after writing my last book; I wanted Zach to experience another place, so being in charge I could grant the wish. If only life was that simple?
The idea of stowing away is not a new one; many wonderful adventure stories have been inspired by this idea. The problem we had with Zach is that he is a soft toy too big to hide in Nan’s bag without being noticed, so we had to come up with a plan.

And that is why fiction is so wonderful, magic happens whenever and wherever you will it too, with the help of the “elephant on the wall”

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Now there had to be a frog in the story, and guess what? Piper’s Aunt Vanessa made a frog when she was at school and it was high up on a huge shelf full of toys in Piper’s bedroom… perfect! I asked Piper what was the frog’s name, she hesitated for a moment and said Froggie, so Froggie it was.

Zach Goes On Holiday

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All these characters came together eventually in book 5, “Zach Goes on Holiday”, Candy doesn’t go on holiday just Zach, one day soon in book 7 Candy will be far away from the safety of the junk cupboard in a scary place, I wonder how she will cope?

All will be revealed soon in book 7, ‘Zach and Candy’s Scary Adventure.’ However Candy does start to get a little adventurous in book 6 ‘The Tea Party’ there is something she wants to do more then anything else and that is to see her Kate.


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