Book Characters

Lillian created many characters for her books explore their profiles…

Zach the hippo

Zach the hippo, the main character. He is adventurous and fearless and loves to explore the outside world. Read more.

Zach listening

Candy the pink pony

Candy worries all the time, she worries about Zach her best friend, she worries that Nan will find out she can speak. Read more about Candy

Candy tapping at the door


Lilly is Nan’s granddaughter every now and then she comes for a visit and plays with Zach and Candy.

Read more about Lilly here….

Lilly waiting to go to the beach


Nan lives by the sea and she is always busy doing something new. Nan doesn’t know that some of the things she buys or makes can speak.Read more about Nan here

Nan listens, did she hear something?


Water Dragon

Water Dragon is full of mischief always watching and waiting…

Read more here…

Water Dragon up to no good.

The African Animals

The African animals are inseparable they spend all their time together. Read more…

 The African Animals

Bull- the Outside Elephant

Bull is an elephant that lives in the Courtyard. Nan bought Bull from a junk shop. Read more…

 Bull the Elephant in his jungle..

The Elephant on the Wall 

Nan bought this picture many years ago for her living room and hung it on the wall above the lounge. Read more….

 The Elephant on the wall

Aquila the Dragon Fly
Aquila is a dragon fly that lives in Nan’s courtyard, his home is the water feature. Read more…



Fish is a painted river stone that lives behind a flower pot in Nan’s Courtyard… Read more