LBB008 Gula & Colos Find a New Home

This is the first book in a series of four: ‘Gula & Colos Find a New Home,’ find out more at this link.

In this audio, little Joey like so may Koalas are trying to survive with the ever increasing encroachment of their environment, driving them deeper into the forest.

Joey heard the noises on the wind, the cracking sound of gunfire, the chopping of trees and the sounds of human voices.

Joey saw the valleys and ridges being cleared and smelt the smoke, he knew he had to leave for a safer place, If only for a little while…


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LBB007 Zach and Candy’s Scary Adventure

In Book seven entitled ‘Zach & Candy’s Scary Adventure, Zach and Candy are left behind by the children sitting on a big green leather chair at Granddad’s place. Zach is ready for another adventure and wants to explore the garden. Candy on the other hand doesn’t want to join him, but doesn’t want to be left… Continue Reading

LBB006 The Tea Party

The toys always listen when Nan is on the phone… this time Kate is coming over for tea. Candy the pink pony remembers Kate when she was a little girl. she always played ‘tea party’ with her. Perhaps she could play that game again… but how? Listen to this audio and find out how Candy… Continue Reading

LBB005 Zach goes on holiday

Zach hears Nan talking on the phone, she is going on holiday for a few days. Zach would love to go too, but how? Find out in this short story how Zach joins Nan, even though Nan doesn’t know… click the link for more detail about the book and why it was created.     Listen on… Continue Reading

Where the humans live

  Book Four: ‘Where the Humans Live’, Joey and his friends are confronted by their worst fears, the humans are here to stay. All their lives were about to change forever. In the three previous books Joey, Paws and Blossom have encountered Timber Getters in Book one, a rumbling bush monster in book two. In… Continue Reading